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Championship Music was established as a music publishing house in 2006. Originally a small independent project to support the domestic music scene, we have grown since then in the number of artists represented. Even though we no longer work only with independent musicians and bands, our work never shows signs of a one-size-fits-all approach. We work with each artist individually and tailor our work to meet exactly the artist’s needs. We are passionate about our work, as only a job you enjoy is worth doing.

We work in an original and unconventional way. The artist’s satisfaction is important for us and we never do anything unless both parties are 100% sure. We can show our clients that branded entertainment can be done in a smart and natural way. 



Currently we represent the majority of the largest online music stores all around the world, including those that operate in the Czech Republic. Your music can therefore be sold on Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, GooglePlay, Amazon, MusicJet and many other channels. kanálech.


We are one of the companies that owns a premium channel. We apply the benefits associated with it to your channel. In addition to monetizing video playbacks by placing ads in front of your videos, we provide a number of other benefits as part of a premium partnership.


For us PR is much more than just writing press releases and arranging interviews. We strive to create interesting stories from individual art projects and to make them crossover into various relevant media. nepředstavujeme jen sepsání tiskovky a domlouvání rozhovorů. Snažíme se o tvorbu zajímavých příběhů z jednotlivých uměleckých projektů a jejich přesah do různých relevantních médií.


Whether you are planning a concert, a tour or are interested in performing at a specific festival or any other type of event, we can help you. We provide booking assistance and can help you with the overall organisation of the concert – the promotion, pre-sale of tickets, technical background (sound, lights), dramaturgy and other related services.